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Enter a new fashion system

Imagine a fashion marketplace where your style could be brought to life by skilled designers. Yeah, that’s right here. vveave is a global community of co-creators, connecting fashion dreamers and fashion doers. Because the old way is not ok: too much waste, too much new and not enough you.

We can upend, mend and slow down this broken system with unique, original pieces – whether they are upcycled from something you own, started from scratch or a modification. Plus, we are supporting a new generation of talented, independent designers today and protecting our planet for tomorrow.

Designers? Make It Work

You have talent. You have knowledge. You have skills. Now, are you ready to show them to the world? Because we have a community of people who have a vision in their heads that need your hands to bring it to life – and are ready to compensate you for it. Don’t just make the bag; secure the bag.

Join our Designers

Dreamers? Make It Real

You know what your dream fashion item looks like, you know what it feels like – but you don’t know where to begin making it. That journey starts here. Connect with our community of talented designers who can help you co-create that one-of-a-kind piece.

Start a Project

How it Works

What is it?

You see the big picture of your project, but designers need the little details. Think: sizing, budget, deadline and inspo. They’ll take it from there.

Who makes it?

Post your project to our community and wait for the designer ideas and personalised quotes to start rolling in. Vibe with someone’s work? Send them a project proposal.

When does it arrive?

Track every step from start to selfie and stay on top of which designers you’ve sent your project to, who’s responded with a quote and when it’s due to arrive.